January 2022 - Training Schedule

2022 Drill Date


June 2022
Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
29May22 30May22 31May22 01Jun22 02Jun22 03Jun22 04Jun22
05Jun22 06Jun22 07Jun22 08Jun22 09Jun22 10Jun22 11Jun22
12Jun22 13Jun22 14Jun22 15Jun22 16Jun22 17Jun22 18Jun22
19Jun22 20Jun22 21Jun22 22Jun22 23Jun22 24Jun22 25Jun22
26Jun22 27Jun22 28Jun22 29Jun22 30Jun22 01Jul22 02Jul22
Navy Seals


Notification of Cadet Absence

The Naval Sea Cadet Corps and Navy League Cadet Corps has established a 75% minimum attendance rate. Missing more than 75% of drills over the previous 12 months is cause for termination from the program.

YOU are accountable for all absences

    Sick leaveEmergency leaveBereavement leave (Immediate Family)Personal leaveSchool EventOther

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