Coursework and Advancement

Cadets must complete their practical requirements (coursework) in order to advance in the Navy League Cadet Corps.

The United States Naval Sea Cadet Corps is now using the Learning Management System (LMS), Polaris for all coursework and examinations. Cadets and volunteers will be able to access Polaris through the Quarterdeck portal. Once your cadet has logged in, he or she will have a personalized landing page that will include comprehensive information about their ribbon rack, advancement check-off, and other features. If you have not created a Quarterdeck account yet, instructions are given below.

  1. All Cadets must have their own personal email address (Gmail preferred)
    • Cadets cannot share the same email address as their Parent(s) / Guardian
    • Cadets cannot use their school issued email address
  2. Once Cadet has established their own personal email address, they will need to provide their new email address to:
  3. Once the Cadet’s record has been updated, they will be notified by email to proceed with their registration on Quarterdeck.
  4. To register for Quarterdeck for the first time, go to the following website:
  1. Once on the Quarterdeck registration page you will need to provide the following information:
    • Select “Cadet”
    • Provide your first name
    • Provide your last name
    • Provide your birthdate
    • Provide your USNSCC ID#
      • If you do not have your USNSCC ID, you will need to contact your Chain-of-Command for your USNSCC ID#
    • Create a Username
    • Confirm your Username
    • Click “Submit”
  2. After completing the Quarterdeck registration, an email will be sent to you and your parent(s) / Guardian with a link to confirm your email address and to create your Quarterdeck password.
    • You may need to check your spam or junk folder of your email
  3. If you have any questions, concerns or require further assistance, contact: