Military Acronyms

Below are some of the most common acronyms used in the US Naval Sea Cadet Corps. Military acronyms and abbreviations are necessary in order to communicate complex concepts in a clear and efficient manner.

Abbreviation Meaning Description
POM Plan of Month
POD Plan of the Day
POY Plan of the Year
Seaman Recruit / Airman Recruit Cadet
SA-T / AA-T Seaman Apprentice Temp / Airman Apprentice Temp Cadet
SA / AA Seaman Apprentice / Airman Apprentice Cadet
SN / AN Seaman / Airman Cadet
PO3 Petty Officer Third Class Cadet
PO2 Petty Officer Second Class Cadet
PO1 Petty Officer First Class Cadet
ALPO Assistant Leading Petty Officer Cadet
LPO Leading Petty Officer Cadet
CPO Chief Petty Officer Cadet
INST Instructor Volunteer / Staff
WO Warrant Officer Volunteer / Staff
MIDN Midshipman Volunteer / Staff
ENS Ensign Volunteer / Staff
LTJG Lieutenant Junior Grade Volunteer / Staff
LCDR Lieutenant Commander Volunteer / Staff